Friday, May 12th 6-9PM- Trevor will perform at a fundraiser for the Arc of Butler County. See for more information.

Sunday, May 21st 11-1PM- Trevor will perform solo at R Coffee House, 1144 N. Bitting in Wichita. Free admission.



"A Stick genius"- Tony Orlando

"The music and {Trevor's} Stick sound and performance style is inspiring and uplifting...". -Emmett Chapman

"A world-class musician"- Joshua Messick, national hammered-dulcimer champion.

“…a master musician and local gem of Wichita…The creativity, energy and passion he includes in each performances entices and inspires”.  - Splurge! Magazine

"Chapman Stick virtuoso"  - The Wichita Eagle 

"People are magically drawn to Trevor Stewart's music ". - The Wichita Register

"...a masterful musician"  - Walnut Valley Festival Magazine

"One of my favorite musicians"  - Kevin Roth, Folkways recording artist and composer of the theme song to 'Shining Time Station' .



Trevor Stewart has been playing the Chapman Stick since October of 1998. Previous study on the guitar, piano and viola led to a quick adaptation on the Stick. Trevor studied viola and music composition and performance at Wichita State University. Frequently performing in Wichita he is one of the very few "Stickists" residing in Kansas.

In Performance- Trevor's solo performances are often widely eclectic covering many genre's from classical and jazz to rock with original compositions. His concerts often consist of viola and hammered dulcimer on top of live loop recording with the Stick which has the feeling of a full ensemble. In 2016 Trevor toured with Tony Orlando's Great American Christmas.

Earthlines-  Trevor led a quartet named Earthlines which consisted of a Native American flute, steel drums and percussion. The group earned a standing ovation for their performance at the celebrated Walnut Valley Festival in 2009 and 2010. 

On TV- Earthlines first album titled 'Dreamwalking' is the soundtrack to a documentary titled ‘Return to PrairyErth‘ which stars New York Times bestselling author William Least Heat-Moon. Trevor's music served a large part in the soundtrack of the 2007 regional PBS documentary 'Flint Hills: Meditations from a Kansas Prairie'. 

On the Radio- 'Dreamwalking' reached the top 10 on new age radio playlists according to The album has been heard on the nationally syndicated radio programs 'Hearts of Space' and 'Echoes' where it reached the top 25. Trevor's music is heard frequently on the Nightcrossing's radio program on 90.1 KHCC and on 89.3 KCUR in Kansas City. 

In Schools- In 2010 Trevor began giving educational programs to schools around the Wichita area. His performances include musical instruments from around the world in order to teach about international cultures. Creating new music with the students is a way of finding what inspires us and connects us to each other. 

Passing Through- Primarily performing solo, he has also contributed to various groups and projects such as the Native-American music group Passing Through which was nominated for a Native American Music Award in 2006 and an Indian Summer Music award in 2005. Trevor's playing also appears on the album 'Flood' by Telarc label blues recording artists Moreland and Arbuckle. 

The Chapman Stick- The Chapman Stick (R) is a unique musical instrument invented by Emmett Chapman in 1969. It consists of a long fret board with twelve strings spanning a bass and guitar range. Sound is produced when the strings are "tapped" against the frets by the fingers. An electronic pickup is used to amplify the sounds. This new technique allows the musician to use both hands in order to play multiple parts like a piano while having the direct fingers-to-strings control and feel similar to a guitar.

The model of Stick that Trevor uses utilizes a MIDI pickup on the upper strings which can trigger a synthesizer while simultaneously playing the natural sound of the Stick. Mr. Chapman continues to manufacture the Stick at his home in Woodland Hills, CA. See for more about the Chapman Stick.